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Documentação Inkscape

Há uma documentação que está sendo desenvolvida em prol do Inkscape! Será um livro contendo a maioria da documentação existente em toda web. Para quem quiser participar com alguma coisa tipo tradução, sugestão...

Taí o link:

Inkscape BookSprint

I am very happy to announce the FLOSS Manuals/Inkscape Booksprint. The project is in collaboration with Inkscape and sponsored by Google.

The event is happening now in Paris at La Cité des Sciences in Paris from July 5-12. Participating on site are:

Cédric Gémy - French documentation writer involved with the Inkscape Docs team and also author of a wonderful book on Gimp, and Secretary of the Scribus Foundation

Alexandre Prokoudine - documentation writer from Russia, he has translated docs for Audacity, Rosegarden, Hydrogen, Inkscape and Scribus. Also the founder of Open Font Library ( ) amongst other very interesting projects.

Joshua Facemyer - doc writer from Chicago, involved a lot with the Inkscape docs team and also a designer

Elisa de Castro Guerra - author of a wonderful Inkscape book (new edition forthcoming) and manager of the forthcoming French FLOSS Manuals

Brianna Laugher - goto person for Wikimedia Commons. Based in Melbourne and detouring to the Book Sprint on the way to Wikimania 2008

Popolon - patch contributor to Inkscape, and author of Inkscape Tutorials

Adam Hyde - (O cara que criou este post que copiei!)


The manual outline has been created :

We will be working in realspace in Paris and living together for for the week in two shared apartments hired for the duration.

We start on Saturday July 5th with some discussion and then straight into the writing. The manual will be written in English and translated to Russian and French. I will also talk to Ali (co-ordinator of FLOSS Manuals Farsi) about adding the manual to their repository.

At the end of the Book Sprint Brianna and I will present the material during a workshop in Wikimania (Alexandria, Egypt- July 17).

If you would like to join us during the Book Sprint we will have a irc channel up for the duration of the sprint and remote collaboration is welcomed! The channel is on, and the channel is #booksprint

Thanks must go to all the people I mentioned above and to Allen Gunn (Aspiration Tech) and Leslie Hawthorn (Google) without which this sprint would not have been possible.